Pregnancy is Weird.

Pregnancy is such a weird thing.

Swooping you up and down through waves of joy, pain, anticipation, frustration, boundless energy, deep discomfort, moments of absolute contentment and days of wanting to crawl out of your own skin. 

Meanwhile, you are completely attached to a tiny little seed of life, taking root and sucking every ounce of energy from your exhausted body. Suddenly, without warning, comes a breath of relief and you think, "Oh, this isn't so bad..." But wait, another wave is sure to take you under again. 

Pregnancy is Weird | kate&co.

I think what I've found is that patience, perseverance, and long suffering is taking root in me. 

Just when I think I can't take another moment, grace takes over. A new perspective is found; an encouraging word received about finding joy in the midst of discomfort or trials. 

So today, I'm giving over to that space. The grace-filled, joy in the hard stuff, finding contentment space. I'm looking up and saying thank you. I'm looking in to discard fear or anxiety that's unexpectedly taken root. I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead and savoring rest - even if it is painful.

Because this miracle that's being done within me and through me isn't really mine at all. I didn't breathe life into these tiny bones within. It's in His timing and in His hands.